The #TeachEndoNOW! campaign is expanding to hospitals. See the information below to learn how you can fundraise for your local hospital to help establish an Endometriosis Center, which can include endometriosis expert-vetted educational opportunities for the general public & local medical students as well.

And, as you can see at the end of this brief video, there’s a matching funds offer of $50,000 ($10k each) that Dr. Camran Nezhat & the Nezhat Family Foundation will donate to the first five hospitals that participate. Some restrictions may apply.

UCSF, Cleveland Clinic, and the Boston Children’s Hospital are just a few from a growing list that have already successfully established endometriosis centers. We believe this method of partnering with local hospitals can help amplify our endometriosis awareness efforts with the general public, medical students, and health care providers from multiple disciplines.

Step 1.
To get started, the first step is to contact your local hospital’s volunteer and/or fundraising department or foundation. From there, the hospital representatives will help guide you on how to organize a fundraiser so that proceeds will go directly to their organization and are earmarked specifically for an Endometriosis Center. Most hospitals have information on their websites about how to get involved with fundraising, so that’s a good place to start.

Step 2. Once you’ve secured approval from the hospital, to fundraise with proceeds earmarked exclusively for an Endometriosis Center, the next step would be to register your event & your hospital using the below-listed form. From there, our senior team members will reach out to both you and the hospital representatives to provide additional information about qualification guidelines. Some restriction may apply, so it’s important to register your event & hospital with us before starting your fundraising activities.

You can download the following resources to help ensure that your local hospital has accurate & updated information about endometriosis which has been curated by Dr. Camran Nezhat, one of the world’s leading endometriosis experts. Email us at info@endomarch.org, and we can also provide a small supply of flyers & brochures for your fundraiser events.

- Flyer-Fact Sheet - Side 1
- Flyer-Fact Sheet - Side 2
- Awareness Business Cards Template
- Flyer for Hospitals $50k Matching Funds

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