The #Endo2020 Campaign is a global call to action to bring endometriosis awareness to every high school by the year 2020. It’s an ambitious goal, to say the least, but our team is working with multiple governmental (federal, state, county) and private sector partners to help make this happen. Thanks to the tireless efforts of endometriosis organizations and activists from around the world, a few other countries have already created nationwide public awareness campaigns in schools, including Team Australia EndoMarch, New Zealand Endometriosis Association (first in the world!), Team UK EndoMarch, and just recently, Team France EndoMarch. By working together, we know we can help Team USA become part of the history-making #Endo2020 global team!

You can help us reach our organization’s #Endo2020 goal by sponsoring a high school to receive a free endometriosis awareness health kit. There are no fees to participate; just fill out the form below to get started, or text ENDO to 66866 to receive the form link. If you have more than one school in mind, no worries; just fill out the form for each school you’d like to register to receive a free endometriosis health kit.
After that, you will officially be part of the team that will go down in history as achieving what was thought to be impossible; endometriosis awareness in all schools - around the world - by the year 2020. Let’s do this!

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