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The EndoMarch global movement is leading the way in the fight for urgently-needed changes in the way we diagnose and treat endometriosis, a potentially crippling, whole-body chronic disease, affecting an estimated 200 million women, girls, and transgender individuals around the world and topping the list as one of the most urgent, yet ignored public health emergencies of our era.

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The EndoMarch movement has ignited an international endometriosis & menstrual health uprising that has swept across the globe in 60+ countries and counting, leading to dramatically increased awareness and inspiring meaningful policy changes around the world, including here in the U.S., where Senators Orrin Hatch and Elizabeth Warren are spearheading a bipartisan bill to increase federal funding for endometriosis research and public awareness campaigns.

Since our first campaign in 2014, the Worldwide EndoMarch has grown to be the largest, internationally-coordinated endometriosis coalition in the world, representing over 100 organizations, groups, and medical societies from around the world, which have joined together to fight for change and address the urgent unmet needs of those suffering from endometriosis.

Click here to read about the EndoMarch Founders, Drs. Camran, Farr, Ceana, and Azadeh Nezhat, and Co-Founder, Barbara Page.

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We EndoMarch because a disease that’s been described as more painful than childbirth labor, that’s one of the leading causes of gynecologic hospitalization, and is nearly as prevalent as diabetes in women shouldn’t be a mystery to the medical community and shouldn’t take up to 10 years or longer to diagnose.

These decades-long failures of modern medicine to adequately diagnose and treat one of the most common chronic diseases in women and girls have caused significant harm, including preventable disease progression, lost fertility, permanent damage to multiple organs, and a lifetime of lost opportunities to pursue career, educational, and family goals.

We EndoMarch because 200 million people with endometriosis demand and deserve better.

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Team USA
Click here to see the list of endometriosis organizations, groups, medical societies, and endometriosis activists who are leading the Team USA EndoMarch Chapters.

Team International
Click here for the list of partners leading the Team International EndoMarch Chapters, learn more about the various endometriosis organizations, groups, and medical societies involved in the global EndoMarch movement.

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Join the global EndoMarch movement today, to help us stop the stigma surrounding endometriosis and fight for meaningful policy changes & health care reforms. See below for ways to get involved.