Say No to Mole Hills

If you’re going to set goals, they might as well be absolutely spectacular, possibly outrageous, but definitely history-making; Mars instead of the Moon, Mt. Everest instead of a mole hill.

Plus, we told Elon Musk that he may be going to Mars, but we are going down in history as the team that overturned 4,000 years of silence, suffering, and shame. That’s just how we roll over here at EndoMarch, and we hope you’ll suspend disbelief for a minute, too, and join our history-making team, as we set off to set a record, of bringing endometriosis education to all schools by the year 2020.

The Best High School Reunion Ever

We are deploying many strategies to achieve the #ENDO2020 Dream. One of the first steps involves having supporters like you register the high school you attended in the U.S., to receive a free endometriosis health kit. You can sponsor your high school anonymously or include your name & a note. However you decide, there’s no cost to you or your school. This could also count as the best high school reunion ever.

Just fill out the form below, or text ENDO to 66866 to receive the link, and you will be officially going down in history, as part of the #TeachEndoNOW! & #ENDO2020 team!  If you have more than one school in mind, no worries; just fill out the form for each school you’d like to register to receive a free endometriosis health kit.

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Your Name
Please provide the name of your contact person at the school, who has expressed interest in receiving endometriosis awareness materials as part of the #TeachEndoNOW! initiative.
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